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My name is Sachi. Yoko gave me the name. Japanese means luck or happiness.

I know I was lucky enough to Yoko pick me in the human society. I got freedom! Yoko told me if she knew I chased cats, she would not get me.

Page always tell me I am really bitch. (I believe bitch has the same meaning of princess because the farm name is princess and I am a princess of this farm.)

When Yoko got me, Page told Yoko had to take me a obedience school. I attended. I graduated the school but Page always told me I failed. I got the diploma because the teacher didn't want me to come back the school anymore. Page believes I am thinking Yoko is my sister. He is not correct. I know Yoko is not my sister! She is my friend.

Yoko always tell me I have to be a good girl but I don't want be a good girl!

I want to enjoy my life! The life is short. I should enjoy every day. Don't you agree?

(2015 /9/15 Sachi crossed over the rainbow)









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