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I am Riki meaning of power and strong in Japanese. Yoko got this name just after I was born and she decided to adapt me. My father is Thunder and mother is Shabby. Page told Yoko she could have one baby of Thunder. I am a boy and most look like the father so Yoko picked me to adopt.

I don't think my father, Thunder, liked me much I was around him. However, I learned from the father where I can sleep during hot summer days.

My adopted mother, Yoko, always worried I become too heavy for my legs. She decided to give us no dry food and our food is only fresh meat. We eat raw meat twice every day. I love any kind of food and i don't like the ward of diet.

Sachi is my sister and boss. One day when I almost put her down during playing, she bit me very heard. I might beet her someday but I was not sure I would like to try again. She runs too first to get her. She is the one who taught me how to hunt. Now I am good to hunt chi kens and mongooses.

Now I was too big to hide behind my mom, Yoko's legs, but I still tried to hide when Page scaled me. Then Page told me, I am coward. My mom understand I am still her baby boy even I became a big 120 lb. boy.










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