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Genki flied from California with us. We are laughed when we saw " Genki Harada" on the air ticket. He is enjoying hunting and walking in the farm. His brother was killed car accident in California. His problem is Sachi. She chased Genki!


One of my dreams since I was kid was to live with big dogs. I wanted to have like "Lucy" of the famous TV drama (it was very famous in Japan too). My first dog was Akita dog. When I saw a 4 month dog in a human society, I called Page and told "She is like my old dog." I should observe her more carefully. I adapted her after only 10 minutes. I named her Sachi , Japanese mens Lucky and happy. She has strong personality. She put us in a lot of troubles. We took her an obedience school but we never succeed to make her obey. She is a little? beast. Sometimes Page calls her "bitch." She chased Genki and cars she doesn't like.


In November, the strong thunder storm attacked us. At that time Page found a dog who was shaking under the sink of out side. We thought it was neighbor's dog, Koko. He was never friendly but when I tried to dry the dog with towel, he was showed the stomach. After the storm was over, Page took him home. The Page came back with the dog and told me he was not Koko. Who is he? We named him Thunder because he came our home with thunder storm.

Thunder was always afraid of the big noise such as thunder or fire work. However, he was very loyal and sweet dog. He was 86 lb. We love him so much but he past away in 2011 April.


Thunder and Shabby who live up of our farm had babies. We took a boy and named Riki. I knew he became big so I named him Japanese means Power. He grow and now 90 lb..






In April a vender brought Shepard poppies. Page asked me I want to a poppy. After one year of the death of Thunder, we are thinking to have another dog. Page named him "Samurai."


Lucy becomes our family member. Our family is1 cat, 4 dogs and 2 humans.


Genki, Sachi and Lucy crossed the rainbow . We were so sad! Then in the end of October, we adopted a new pupy, Ai.




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