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I am Genki. I don't like dogs and people. I only trust Yoko. Page sometimes made big noise and surprised me so I have to be careful Page is in the home. Only when Yoko is home and all dogs are outside or sleeping, I walk around in the home to follow Yoko. I have to careful specially Sachi. She is a evil because she chases me sometimes. Page scaled Sachi but I don't think Sachi can understand I am not just a cat. I never never trust her.

My time is night. I go outside through the window of the bedroom and jump down the roof of the carport. I hope Page repairer the roof so I feel safe to walk on the roof. There are many holes because the roof is rusted.

My favorite place is on the shelf of Yoko's washed clothes piled. I believe Yoko doesn't care even all my far is all over her clothes.

We share the bed. When Yoko is not the home, I sleep besides Page but I prefer to sleep Yoko's side. She never kicked me out during sleeping.

I wish they never had the dogs but I think the life is not so perfect. As long as dogs never come in the bedroom and leave me alone, I will be OK.

(2015/4 He crossed the rainbow bridge. )







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